Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Dear Santa Claus,

I have been very good this year, as you'll probably noticed.

So if it's not too much to ask, for Christmas, I would like to have the most wonderful gift: I want you to realize my dream!

I would like to attend a female bodybuilding contest, where competitors would be real monsters. Each of them would be doped on steroids to death and would have huge, manly muscles . Nothing more feminine would remain on their body, except, of course, their sublime face, who would smile to me whereas they would show me their monstrous muscles ...

Of course, my dick would become monstrous too, and I would spend all my time jerking off like crazy!

I join to this letter a drawing which will allow you to understand everything.

Thank you!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Number 6 - Part 5

The auditorium fills up, the first girls arrive on stage, so far, everything is normal. You already have a boner as big as a bull's, while the first competitors are doing their routines. You even have time to wank once, watching the little muscular ass of one of them.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Number 6 - Part 4

Once in the auditorium, you rush to the last row, to be able to play with yourself quietly. You find some familiar faces, other perverts who, like you, are going to masturbate throughout the competition.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Number 6 - Part 3

So, once again, by going to this new competition, you expect to spend an incredibly exciting moment. As usual, you have prepared a stock of tissues and you are wearing your special pants, the ones with the bottomless pockets...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Number 6 - Part 2

Each of these competitions is a nameless happiness. You have constantly the feeling to dream... These women drive you so much crazy with desire... that you can not prevent you masturbate every 5 minutes! It's like a porn cinema, but 10 times better: here, women are real! And, by asking nicely, you can even touch their muscles! This is madness!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Number 6 - Part 1

Hi folks.

I've wrote a new story, that I will post part by part, each time with an illustration.
I hope you'll enjoy it!

Let's go:

As a fan of muscular women, you try to attend a maximum female bodybuilding competitions as possible. You've already seen thousands of pounds of muscle on stage, each time causing great excitement. You'll never get tired of seeing all these women showing their huge manly muscles!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Renée, again...

If I ask you who is the most muscular and most masculine woman of all times, there are good chances so that you would answer me in chorus: Renee Toney!

If you come regularly on this blog, then you will understand easily why I'm posting this video. Look at this beast moving on stage! Where are the female softness, the delicacy of movements and the tasty curves of this woman? Because, despite appearances, this mountain of manly muscles is well and truly a woman!

The more I see videos of Renee, the more I have difficulty in imagining that she was able to look like a woman. What I see, it is a man with a bikini! Nothing remains of the fragile young girl that she has to be at one time or another... And it's so exciting!

Everything in this video is grotesque: her slow and heavy movements, which are not natural for a woman, her hard, emaciated face, without makeup, with improbable earrings that make the scene even more bizarre, the veins that run through her body, too big to be real, the top of her bikini, totally useless, which leaves appearing her vile and delicious pecs, because it is not meant to cover such aberrations... And her muscles!

Her muscles... Huge, monstrous, venous, angular, hard, ugly and yet so tasty... Renee has managed to erase all traces of femininity on her body: no more breasts, no waist ...

What sane woman could want to look like such a monstrosity? No, a normal woman wants to be seductive, with an opulent chest and generous curves... And not spend hours torturing herself in a gym and shooting up with steroids to become a man!

Therefore, the proof is made: Renee is crazy.

You saw at the end of the video, when she does a most muscular pose? She looks insane! She is so proud of her big muscles that she does not realize she became a caricature of femininity, a freak of nature! Each of her appearances on stage has to make many viewers in the room vomit of disgust, forever traumatized by this nightmare vision...

But among the crowd of spectators shocked by this horror, there are some who would kill to be able to lick her every muscle... As incredible as it may seem, those ones are driven mad with desire by the vision of this grotesque body, parody of a woman's... And Renee hear them coming, when she flexes her biceps... She does it for them... All those hours of suffering, this sacrifice, these mockery supported all day long, all of it, this is solely in the aim of blowing the pants of this public of madmen on muscle, totally at her feet ... Each ejaculation brings her a little closer to orgasm!

Renee .. Let me help you to come!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Almost new

I've just realize that I still didn't post this one, that maybe some of you have already seen...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Another new sketch!

Judging a female body building competition must be the best job in the world...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


New one, guys!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Julie forever!

Just a few words to show you that dedicated pic I've just receive from the marvelous Julie...
Oh boy, I'm so happy!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Another goddess...

Friday, November 5, 2010

You lose...

An new one.

I'm still busy those days, sorry...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Jolie Julie

A quick one of the big Julie...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Still Marja...

Sorry, I've been quite busy those days...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


As you know, I've always been fascinated by muscular women. But what fascinates me even more, that's BEAUTIFUL muscular women!

Here are women so pretty and so charming they could seduce any man. Their sex appeal, their smiles and their appetizing shapes make them irresistible!

But, for some of them, their beauty does not seem enough... To have an angel's face, perfect breast and every men throwing theirself at their feet, obviously, all of this does not interest them... As surprising as it may appear, in this world where this type of woman is praised above all, where feminine beauty is constantly staged and put forward, these women, who could be queens, choose a different path... They want to be KINGS!

Look at Beate Dräbing on this video. Well, I know it's hard to look at it without jerking off like a bastard, so go for it... OK? Did you ejaculate? Well... So, before doing it again, you can read what's next...

Without any doubt, Beate should have been be considered as a BEAUTIFUL young woman, before weight training. She had to have very certainly a great deal of pretenders, and had to make jealous many women. She would have been able to content herself with that. But no! It would have been too easy...

To choose the way of muscle for a woman, is a very difficult journey, during which you're a lot criticized. It is almost unthinkable that a pretty girl chooses this road... And yet, Beate did it. Despite her magnificent face and gorgeous blue eyes, she wanted to transform her body, while knowing she would lose almost all her suitors, and incur the wrath of the women.

Having sais that, look at her on stage: have you seen the pleasure that she felt by showing her body ? This incredible display of big muscles and femininity may perplex many people, but for all men in the auditorium at that time, Beate is PERFECT! Her look says it all: she knows she drives you mad with desire all the pricks of spectators! I can not even imagine the number of ejaculations that there was at the time of her appearance...

Thus, by choosing to become so muscular, Beate has probably lost some of her suitors, but for the others she has become even more sexy! Irresistible!

My God ... I can not imagine the pleasure that it must be to sleep with her! Well, to console me, I'm going back to masturbate while watching this video...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

2 big ones!

I do not know why, but at this time, I'm in the mood to draw real she-male, with a dick and everything ...

Maybe because I find it exciting ...

Friday, September 3, 2010

A big one...

Following some comments on previous post, here is, for your viewing pleasure, a REAL She-male, with a prick of the size of a skyscraper ...

You like?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Christine, again..

I've already talked to you about Christine Envall, a few time ago. You all know her, it's unnecessary to linger to present her to you again. I'm just going to speak about this video, on which I jerked off hundreds of times. Look at it, first of all:

Good. If you're like me, you could not stop you to plunge the hand into your shorts, to caress your cock during all the time of this video. If your dick is like mine, the mere sight of Christine's huge muscles made it completely mad with desire. If you're like me, after watching this video, you're as excited as a chip, and the only way to calm you down will be to masturbate like a madman by looking again this excerpt, and by ejaculating almost instantly at the sight of Christine's pecs, or of her huge back ...

Why this video puts me in such a state of madness and of incredible sexual arousal? Probably because Christine is so SEXY that it hurts!

So sexy, and much more... When I see this video, I can not imagine for one second someone who could excites me more... I'm talking about pure SEX, brutal, violent, irresistible SEX... Something that knots your guts, turns your stomach and makes your heart beat ...

Look at her: she is almost naked, on stage, in front of a crowd of people came to admire her. Her body is an insult to femininity and softness, so much her muscles are big and masculine... Once she appears, it is possible to ask "But?" What is this thing? ", so much it is unlikely that a woman could look like this ... And it's true: Christine is not really a woman any more, but not quite yet a man ... She's an animal! A beast fed by steroids!

Of course, Christine is aware of her sex appeal ... She literally breathes sex! The testosterone that flows from every pore of her skin makes her irresistible! So, of course, Christine is used to prurient gaze resting on her chest, to hands plunged into pants whereas she posed on stage ... After all, this is probably what she is looking fo!

During her posing routine, the audience holds its breath, astounded by this "thing" on stage ... The bikini of this creature makes her even more difficult to classify her in the human race ... Such big muscles can only belong to a man! What does this piece of fabric do on this chest where obviously the smallest trace of breasts disappeared for a long time? But, nevertheless, it seems that this piece of meat is a woman ...

Then, breathless, mouth open, cock ramrod straight, we can not take our eyes off of this stallion, smiling, showing off this surreal body. Each movement highlights the absurdity of this spectacle: a back so wide cannot be the one of a woman! Such big calves can not be that of a woman! And yet ...

At the end of her posing, to finish us, Christine does several muscular poses. So, the doubt is not any more allowed: Christine made disappear the slightest trace of femininity in her ... This show, repugnant to some, exciting for others, highlights the total absence of feminine features in her ... The top of the bikini, useless, lets glimpse the most masculine breasts, just waiting to be licked ...

All those who had not ejaculated yet can no longer resist: those muscular poses sound the end of their handjob and the beginning of a nameles orgasm! As during a sexual relation, Christine kept the best for last ... We can say that she is an unbelievable fucker!

This stunning beefcake looks like the result of an unhealthy experience, that I would like to fuck all my life ...

Monday, August 16, 2010


Here is another one that I like...

We are still with beautiful she-male, shamelessly showing off their monstrous muscles, far too virile and too male to belong to women…

This time, Sue and Tanya, two sublime specimens of these women who want to be men, meet for the first time Chloe, a newcomer to this world of manly female muscle.

Sue and Tanya are used to meeting on stage during clandestine female bodybuilding competitions. They are far too huge and too manly to participate in "classic" contests! This kind of secret event brings together all the craziest female muscle fan, all the sexual deviants and fetishists for whom a woman is sexy only if she looks like a man...

Usually, Sue and Tanya are by far the biggest and most virile competitiors. After each event, those she-male with a twisted mind spend the night together, caressing mutually, thinking about being men... In brief, their madness for muscles is such that they can not help fucking all night!

But this year, Sue and Tanya were pleasantly surprised to discover on stage Chloe, a young girl of barely 18 years, with a superbly masculine body... She is even bigger than them! So as soon as they saw her, the two crazy girls were hypnotized by her huge muscles, and had but one thought in mind: to fuck her!

I wish them success ...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sexy freaks

I must say I LOVE this one... Really!

I think I can not imagine a more exciting situation...

Each of those three freaks of nature is totally obsessed with big, manly muscles, so much so that she had transformed her female body into sexy monstrosity... So, at each competition, they meet between she-male, and are completely overexcited by muscles of their rivals...

They'll fuck all night, by stroking each other, by taking themselves for men or women, whatever...

Can I watch?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Number 16

Here is another specimen of the new species I mentioned earlier...

This "woman" lives a permanent orgasm: she loves so much her big, manly muscles she can not help but caress them all the time!

Just think about this: if a woman wants to get bigger muscles, more than anything, by sacrificing part of her life, taking steroids etc., it is very likely she would be a little excited at the sight of her own muscles, even completely overexcited!

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Some time ago, my friend Reason offered me to participate in a friendly competition of drawing, with FemXman. For different reasons, it didn't happen, but I still made this drawing:

I have to say that I am pretty happy with the result. Once again, you can see what looks like my perfect woman: a sweet, magnificent and youthful feminine face on top of a male to death body, muscular, manly, huge, monstruous...

About this girl, I would say she is between 16 and 18. I'll call her... let's see... why not "Lisa"? Let's try to imagine her story...

Lisa did not understand girls her age: what could be so exciting in shopping, going to night club or talking on the phone for hours about boys of her class? So much time wasted in frivolity...

Since she saw Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Terminator" Lisa only dreamed about big, manly, male muscles. What a shock she received when she saw Arnold for the first time! A human body could look like this? A human body could be so sexy?

Then, Lisa thought about just one thing: the day she could touch and caress such muscles... She wanted a man, a real man! Sleeping with a Body builder became her obsession... If most women also like big muscles in a man, Lisa was crazy about it! The simple vision of a big biceps wildly excited her! Her room was papered with posters of the biggest bodybuilders doped to death, she spent hours on the internet to watch videos...

She wanted so much to sleep with a bodybuilder that she joined a gym, just to meet one. But the attempt was not very successful: after being out with a few bodybuilders, she had to face the evidence: no one would ever be big enough for her!

So she decided to built up the body she thought about every night: she would become the Bodybuilder of her dreams! She would transform her girly body into a monstrous manly male body! This body who excited her so much was going to be hers: she could caress her own muscles all day long!

This crazy idea proved the obsessional madness of Lisa for huge muscles... Every day, every night, she trained hard, very hard... While the other girls were wasting their time in idle chatter and nightlife, Lisa spent every minute of her free time trying to change her cute teenage body into that of a monstrous stallion!

To achieve this, all means were good enough: steroids, hormones, proteins... Lisa injected doses of bull in the veins to reach her perverse dream! As the days, Lisa's body increasingly resembled to that of a man, which encouraged her to continue! But no question to no longer take care of her face: despite the horrors she inflicted on her body, Lisa's face was still that of a beautiful girl...

And then, one day, by looking herself in the mirror, Lisa was terribly excited... The vision of her big muscles drove her crazy with desire... She could not help but hold them, caress them... She had finally reached her goal! Now every day she could admire her overinflated pecs, knotty thighs and prominent abs... The rest of her life would be a delightful orgy of muscles!

Monday, July 26, 2010

New Species?

A sketch, reworked a bit for this Blog ...

Imagine ... You're a woman, but your women condition will not suit you: you want more, much more! So you decide to do everything to get a male body: bodybuilding, steroids, diet ... And, over time, you finally succed in: your body is a masterpiece of manhood!

Of course, you're so proud of your body that you want to show it to everybody, then you participate in Bodybuilding competition. And so you meet other women whose purpose is also to remove any trace of femininity in their body ... How could you resist to them?

Both she-male present on this sketch are a perfect example of that ... Each is obsessed with the size of her muscles and desperatly want to look like a man ... And, of course, both are attracted by the male body of the other !

I think these women are neither lesbians, nor heterosexual ... They are much more than that!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


A little video, just for fun...

No, this is not just a little video: it is a source of endless orgasms! My God... It is IMPOSSIBLE to watch these women fighting to show their big muscles without having an insane erection!

I always loved posedowns in female bodybuilding competitions: After hours of imposed postures, comparisons, dance etc., the finalists can FINALLY lean back and enjoy the pleasure of being on stage! They can then compare themselves to others, in a much more sensual and savage way than before... More than a simple comparison: it is a real battle, whose outcome will appoint the most muscular woman, and therefore the sexiest!

Look at them: they touch, fondle each other... They like to feel the big muscles of their opponents under their fingers to test their strength! This direct confrontation turns into orgy, whose we are the breathless, sweaty, excited spectators!

Our libidinous and lecherous gaze resting on their big manly muscles transforms them into great performers! Each desperate to be the most desirable, most coveted, and does everything to crush her rivals! The scene then changes to an amazing spectacle: these are no more women that we observe in drooling, these are pieces of meat! This display of female muscle orgy beginning to look like gang bang: muscles meet, mingle... In the audience, all the dicks are standing to attention, hard as steel!

Betty, Iris, Dayana, Yaxeni, Heather, Debi... Each of these women, at this moment, being part of this orgasmic meat display, could fuck any men she wants! Besides, I do not know how men in the room don't get crazy: If I was there, I would have thrown myself on stage, in order to drown me in this ocean of muscles!

Personally, if I had to choose among these six beautiful pieces of meat, I would probably choose Yaxeni... She looks so proud of her manly muscles that she desperatly wants to be on the front of the stage to show them... That said, I also love Heather and Debi... So why not take the 3?

Friday, July 9, 2010

The photos on which I wanked the most - Kim Chizevsky

One more time, guys...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Andrulla Blanchette

Here's a video, that you probably already know, of Andrulla Blanchette at the 1997 Miss Olympia.

At the time, not having still Internet, I had never seen movies about muscular women. I had to content myself with simples photos, found in magazines. So when I saw an advertising about the video of the 1997 Miss Olympia in one of those famous magazine, I rushed on the order form to acquire it!

After a wait that seemed interminable, I finally received the precious video tape. Trembling, I inserted it then into my VCR... My heart stopped beating immediately!

For the first time in my life, I saw muscular women MOVING! Laura Creavalle, Lenda Murray... All these women, whom I had then been able to admire only in photo, danced, flexed their big muscles under my eyes, just for me! Fascinated, hypnotized, I obviously could not take my eyes off the screen...

After several minutes of a show that I found incredibly exciting already, I saw Andrulla appear in her little red bikini ...

Seeing this incredibly muscular body, sexy and manly, my mind overheated and it took several minutes to come back to earth ... Needless to say how much my cock was hard! It was going crazy too!

I could not believe my eyes... At this moment, Andrulla was the perfect woman! Each of her oversized muscles made me mad with desire... Her back, crazily wide... Her ass, hard and firm... And her arms! My God, her arms... When she flex them twice, it was too much for me: I ejaculated in a great cry of pleasure! She had made me come just by flexing her biceps...

Since then, this video remains in the pantheon of my favorite videos to wank... And you?

Friday, July 2, 2010

The photos on which I wanked the most - Christine Envall

Another spermarvelous pic, with my version of it...


Here is a new colored version of one of the skteches I posted here, just for fun...

Thursday, June 17, 2010


A new one, made this morning.

What can I say... I would love to see this scene! Imagine ...

Mr. and Mrs. Bennet are both bodybuilding enthusiasts. They practice regularly, participate in competitions ... And one day, by dint of fucking like animals, they have a daughter, Katy.

Obviously, they immediately passed their consuming passion for big muscles on to her and forced her to train very young. With their long experience, they know all the tricks that will make Katy the biggest bodybuilder! Steroids in the feeding bottle, an abs table as bed, eating 8 times a day... A true torture!

But Katy, not really knowing other way to live, said to herself that the way her parents took care of her was normal... She was just surprised to see that every year, she was the more muscular in her class... And by far!

As she grew, she became more monstrous... and sexy! Of course, Katy never saw her breasts appear, the dose of testosterone in her body having destroy the simple idea of a breast... She was surprised to see these strange growths on her classmates!

And soon she became bigger than her father... At the age of 16, her body was that of a man! But it did not change her lifestyle, on the contrary: she wanted more! Encouraged by her parents, she stopped her studies and devoted herself solely to her muscles, that she wanted to see becoming the most gigantic possible!

Soon, her diet was no longer human: she swallowed steroids as simple smarties, guzzled protein throughout the day... Every bite was used to increase the volume of her manly muscles! The doses of bulls hormones that she injected in her veins was of course not legal and very dangerous but she did not care, she had only one word in mind: MUSCLES!

Finally, at 18, she decided to participate in her first competition, which she usually considered as a waste of time... Her parents had urged her to do so by promising to pay her her dose of steroids for a year... How could she refuse?

Her first steps on stage, however, were quite hesitant... It must be said that for over 2 years, Katy was almost never left her home, where she spent her time training, and to admire herself in the mirror... After all, under this huge mass of muscle and veins, still beated the heart of a shy 18 years old girl! How were people going to react by seeing her? Was she big enough to not look ridiculous?

So, to help her overcome her shyness, her parents accompanied her on stage... At her appearance, the entire audience was shocked as ever: what was this "thing"? People fainted, vomited, screaming with fear and disgust... This had the immediate effect of reassuring Katy: Yes, she was pretty big enough!

While, confident, Katy began her posing, her parents watched her with pride and tenderness: their little girl had become a man! For the few people who could still watch Katy without puke or pass out, the show was totally unbelievable...

Imagine the pleasure felt by this girl, locked for years, spending her time trying to grow her muscles, wanting nothing more than a male body... Now she could finally show the results of all those years of training, pain and torture! It is as if we had dropped an atomic bomb in the middle of the stage!

Katy ,who never had breast or bra, did not realize the absurdity of the situation: for her, it was quite logical to walk topless... But how a 18 year old girl could have such a male chest and show it as well? Her delicious pecs were an insult to the laws of nature...

To see her moving on stage was a spectacle equally absurd ... From a distance, it was impossible to doubt that this splendid body did not belong to a man... Her gestures, her postures, her breathing... Everything in her sweated testosterone! And nevertheless, at the top of this terrifying mountain of muscle, there was a sweet girl's face, smiling, beaming with happiness... The few guys who were able to look at Katy without vomiting and without going crazy had the biggest boner of their life!

Ahhh... It's good to dream a little... Where are my kleenex?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

New update at LH-Art

For those who are not members of LH-Art, there are about ten of my new sketches on the site, including this one:

What a she-beast, isn't she? I am sure that, after having fucked those two lucky guys all night, this monstrous chick will still want to fuck, again and again ... With this stallion's body, "she" is made just for sex! Her muscles are meant to be used only during demential bit of nooky...

Can i get a ticket?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The photos on which I wanked the most - Debbie Mugli

Here is one of the photos that struck me the most...

She will begin the series of pictures that I will call : "The photos on which I wanked the most".

And below, my version of this pic...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The one and only

After dreaming of her tonight, once again, I realized that I had not yet spoken of my true love: Cindy Phillips ...

Of course, you all know her and you probably love her as much as me ...

I do not know about you, but me, I am really crazy in love with her! She haunts me day and night! I never felt this way before for a bodybuilder ...

Watch this sweet angel face, smiling and charming ... And look at that body! It is by looking at it that I say to myself that God may exists ...

It's probably the girl that I think the most when I jerk off, although I preferred her before she had these fake boobs!

One thing I love about her is her glance .. She is sublime, and she knows it ... She is fully aware of her incredible sex appeal, and that's quite obvious! When we look at her, we are immediately under its spell ... and our cock wakes up!

Like Marja, I could talk about her for hours ...

Here is a little drawing in honor of this living orgasm, made after the picture above, taken from a photo shoot, that I also enclose ...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The s"pec"tacular Colette

How to speak about female virility without mentioning Colette Guimond?.

As it is impossible that you do not know her, I'm not going to insult you by introduce her...

I simply chose a small sample of this incredible video where for one hour, Colette, naked, performs the poses requested by the cameraman, that we can hear moaning with pleasure...

This movie has always wildly excited me: I always have the sensation by looking at it of an incredible, almost secret document, reserved for an audience of insiders: the biggest muscular woman in the world! A true freak...

It's like in the movie "The Ring": This video can kill, of happiness! Or drive crazy at the sight of this incredible male to burst body...

In this video, Colette seems to be a bit strange, by performing all those poses... I imagine she may be a little drugged by the cameraman, who can satisfy his strangest desires: "Go, Colette Show me your big muscles! One more time! Your thighs now: shake them!"

I also imagine what a crazy pleasure it would be to have Colette for one hour, and to be able to do her all that I want...

Look at those pecs! I want to touch them, to lick them, to caress them for hours...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

FX-Man Versus Ozzy

A few time ago, I made this drawing:

Then I sent it to the the great FemXman, as part of his desire to exchange one of his sketches against that of another artist.

And he answered quickly, with this fantastic coloring:

I love the final result!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

She's back!

Awesome! A new video of MY Marja !

Look at her... It's impossible to not put your hand in your underwear on seeing this video!

My prick is never as big and hard that when I see Marja's monstrous muscles ... How many times did I spank the monkey watching them?... The more big and hard the muscles are , the more so my cock is... "The bigger, the better!"

Her demential and hallucinating body is a hymn to sex! I can not even imagine what it must be to sleep with her! I certainly would become mad with pleasure...

Cindy's story

Some time ago, I wrote my first story for LH-Art, which was called "Little Cindy's big muscles. She told the story of a girl who wanted to become the most muscular 12 years old girls and, thanks to a nice fairy, becomes the most muscular human being of all time! Maybe some of you have read it ... I had great fun doing it!

Shortly after, I came across this:

And I was really impressed! Well, its author did not really indicate that it was me who wrote the story and made the drawings ... But he did a great job! Here is his blog:

I post here the last image of my story, visible in free LH-Art. I feel that this fantasy is quite common among fans of muscular women: a girl on stage with bodybuilding champion who is more muscular than them!

I confess to particularly love this idea ...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sexy family

A new drawing, this time.

I do not believe to have seen very often this scene, yet super exciting: a mother with her daughters on the stage of a bodybuilding contest.

Each of them is a hymn to female virility: big, massive, ripped, no trace of breasts ...

What could be the story of this sexy family?

I can perfectly imagine the mother, undisputed champion of bodybuilding, to pass her inconsiderate love for muscles on to her two daughters...

Since their youngest age, they were introduced to the wonderful world of female muscle, with as main goal: to become more muscular as possible!

This single mother spent all her time with her daughters, to lift weights, to teach them how to become as manly as her, to measure them their dose of steroids...

And, of course, the girls adored that! With the example of their mother, who had eliminated any trace of femininity on her body, their model was quite found: their bodies had to exalt manliness!

Naturally, no time to lose with kids' games, nevertheless of their age: all their time was devoted to their muscles, that they wanted to see becoming the biggest and the most male possible! Far from the concerns of the girls of their class, they were only trying to do as their mother: to become real sex symbols!

Probably thanks to an exceptionale genetic, transmitted by their mother, the result was immediate: no one had ever reached such a level of muscular growth at that age!

It's been a while since the oldest of the sisters accompanied the mother on stage, on a body building contest, making the youngest a little jealous ... But this time, the three girls of the family were together on stage! And what happiness was to see them showing off their monstrously masculine bodies !

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Another old sketch, a little revised.

I love this type of woman: a soft feminine face, fresh and sensual, with a smiling and innocent air, with fine and delicate features, overcoming a hideous male-to-death body, muscular, venous, hard, massive....

The madness of this female /male combination makes me crazy...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monique Hayes

I imagine that, if you come on this blog, you know Monique Hayes...

How to describe her to those (poor men...) who do not know her?

Try to imagine a concentrate of muscles, femininity, virility and pecs overflowing a top bikini... But you will still be far from the account! Monique, it is all this, and more still...

I do not know what is her secret, but on all her photos, she looks like she is going to explode through her clothes! Her muscles are so big and bloated that they spill everywhere! My God... It is so exciting!

Look at the photo above: even her vagina overflows her G-string! It's as if nothing could contain all her big muscles! I could hear them moan: "Let us out! We need space!"

Women as massive as Monique are confronted with a problem not really planned for a female body: they are way too much muscular ! And so, their big, men muscles have to fight to find space on their small, women body... And to see them moving, with this exciting muscular overload is a spectacle which drives me nuts with desire! Go girls! Keep growing and exceeding the limits imposed by the nature!

By thinking of all these things, I made this small drawing, where Monique manages to make a billiard cue come... How I would like whether it is my prick between her hands!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Un mot en français, pour dire à tout ceux qui parlent cette langue que j'ai mis la traduction française de certains de mes posts, dans les commentaires.

Je vais essayer de le faire régulièrement, afin de faire partager ma passion des femmes musclées au plus de monde possible!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It's quite funny ...

While I was doing the previous drawing, I came across the video of the NY Pro Show 2010. And the vision of Marja Lehtonen arriving on scene gave me the same impression as I described in the precedent post: confident, conquering, smiling ... She takes some crazy pleasure to show her body!

She knows that all the guys in the room would be ready for everything to sleep with her... She is the queen and them, her sexual slaves! How much of them have creamed their pants by seeing her big biceps... Hands had to be often in pockets, during her posing!

Look at this girl... She exudes sex!


Here is a new version of an old drawing, a little more nice...

I imagine the situation perfectly:

We are at an international bodybuilding competition, the men come to pass, as well as fitness competitors.

And those three magnificent she-male arrive on stage, showing off their perfectly masculine body... Everybody is staggered, some have nausea, others faint: nobody is prepared to see this kind of show...

As muscular as the men who preceded them, they literally ridicule others competitors... Their pleasure of being on stage and showing off their so manly bodies is quite obvious: they are so jubilant! They are so proud to show off the fruits of their efforts: all those hours spent to train and to suffer would not have been useless... All the men in the room are completely crazy about their beautiful male body! Some have ejaculated immediately once they were on stage, others try to masturbate discreetly... The sexual tension in the room clearly rose up several notches!

To see them moving on stage, it is hard to believe that they are women... Their movements, their gestures, their attitudes, everything sweats testosterone! But that is precisely what makes them irresistible... If some girls who participated in the fitness competition had turned heads, they were now completely forgotten, replaced by these sexy monsters!

While they are fighting literally on stage to show who is the most muscular, men in the room are crazy, sweating, ready to do anything to touch and lick their muscles... With each new pose, intented to highlight their manly, masculine muscles, you could hear screams of delight and pleasure: probably news ejaculations caused by their outrageous body...

How not to be wildly excited by their bull-neck, their protruding abs and their gigantic thighs... But what drove crazy of desire the male gente, it was their total lack of boobs... Incredible as it may seem, they had managed to melt down the slightest trace of their breasts for the benefit of monstrous pecs, striated and bloated... This vision, which might be sickening, was on the contrary incredibly delicious-looking! Freed from those useless masses of fat and flesh that are breasts, their femininity explodes!

After the show, they each will go home with one or several guys, which they would have chosen during their posing, that they will fuck all night ... If these guys survive this night of muscular passion, they will be the most lucky bastards of the world! If they survive ...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back to LH-Art with Annie

Yes, after a few time, I'm back to LH-Art.

If you're member, you may see 12 new sketches, made just for this site, including this one:

I' ve started the adventures of a new character, Annie, who is a mix between Little Annie Ample and Little Annie Fanny.

Annie is a lovely teen, obsessed by muscles since her younger age. She always wanted to be the most muscular!

Of course, she doesn't have boobs, just big, bulging, sexy pecs... So, she doesn't understand why she should have to cover her chest and so, she is often topless, showing us her marvelous pecs...

I will also post sketches of Annie on this blog.