Thursday, May 27, 2010

She's back!

Awesome! A new video of MY Marja !

Look at her... It's impossible to not put your hand in your underwear on seeing this video!

My prick is never as big and hard that when I see Marja's monstrous muscles ... How many times did I spank the monkey watching them?... The more big and hard the muscles are , the more so my cock is... "The bigger, the better!"

Her demential and hallucinating body is a hymn to sex! I can not even imagine what it must be to sleep with her! I certainly would become mad with pleasure...

Cindy's story

Some time ago, I wrote my first story for LH-Art, which was called "Little Cindy's big muscles. She told the story of a girl who wanted to become the most muscular 12 years old girls and, thanks to a nice fairy, becomes the most muscular human being of all time! Maybe some of you have read it ... I had great fun doing it!

Shortly after, I came across this:

And I was really impressed! Well, its author did not really indicate that it was me who wrote the story and made the drawings ... But he did a great job! Here is his blog:

I post here the last image of my story, visible in free LH-Art. I feel that this fantasy is quite common among fans of muscular women: a girl on stage with bodybuilding champion who is more muscular than them!

I confess to particularly love this idea ...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sexy family

A new drawing, this time.

I do not believe to have seen very often this scene, yet super exciting: a mother with her daughters on the stage of a bodybuilding contest.

Each of them is a hymn to female virility: big, massive, ripped, no trace of breasts ...

What could be the story of this sexy family?

I can perfectly imagine the mother, undisputed champion of bodybuilding, to pass her inconsiderate love for muscles on to her two daughters...

Since their youngest age, they were introduced to the wonderful world of female muscle, with as main goal: to become more muscular as possible!

This single mother spent all her time with her daughters, to lift weights, to teach them how to become as manly as her, to measure them their dose of steroids...

And, of course, the girls adored that! With the example of their mother, who had eliminated any trace of femininity on her body, their model was quite found: their bodies had to exalt manliness!

Naturally, no time to lose with kids' games, nevertheless of their age: all their time was devoted to their muscles, that they wanted to see becoming the biggest and the most male possible! Far from the concerns of the girls of their class, they were only trying to do as their mother: to become real sex symbols!

Probably thanks to an exceptionale genetic, transmitted by their mother, the result was immediate: no one had ever reached such a level of muscular growth at that age!

It's been a while since the oldest of the sisters accompanied the mother on stage, on a body building contest, making the youngest a little jealous ... But this time, the three girls of the family were together on stage! And what happiness was to see them showing off their monstrously masculine bodies !

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Another old sketch, a little revised.

I love this type of woman: a soft feminine face, fresh and sensual, with a smiling and innocent air, with fine and delicate features, overcoming a hideous male-to-death body, muscular, venous, hard, massive....

The madness of this female /male combination makes me crazy...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monique Hayes

I imagine that, if you come on this blog, you know Monique Hayes...

How to describe her to those (poor men...) who do not know her?

Try to imagine a concentrate of muscles, femininity, virility and pecs overflowing a top bikini... But you will still be far from the account! Monique, it is all this, and more still...

I do not know what is her secret, but on all her photos, she looks like she is going to explode through her clothes! Her muscles are so big and bloated that they spill everywhere! My God... It is so exciting!

Look at the photo above: even her vagina overflows her G-string! It's as if nothing could contain all her big muscles! I could hear them moan: "Let us out! We need space!"

Women as massive as Monique are confronted with a problem not really planned for a female body: they are way too much muscular ! And so, their big, men muscles have to fight to find space on their small, women body... And to see them moving, with this exciting muscular overload is a spectacle which drives me nuts with desire! Go girls! Keep growing and exceeding the limits imposed by the nature!

By thinking of all these things, I made this small drawing, where Monique manages to make a billiard cue come... How I would like whether it is my prick between her hands!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Un mot en français, pour dire à tout ceux qui parlent cette langue que j'ai mis la traduction française de certains de mes posts, dans les commentaires.

Je vais essayer de le faire régulièrement, afin de faire partager ma passion des femmes musclées au plus de monde possible!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It's quite funny ...

While I was doing the previous drawing, I came across the video of the NY Pro Show 2010. And the vision of Marja Lehtonen arriving on scene gave me the same impression as I described in the precedent post: confident, conquering, smiling ... She takes some crazy pleasure to show her body!

She knows that all the guys in the room would be ready for everything to sleep with her... She is the queen and them, her sexual slaves! How much of them have creamed their pants by seeing her big biceps... Hands had to be often in pockets, during her posing!

Look at this girl... She exudes sex!


Here is a new version of an old drawing, a little more nice...

I imagine the situation perfectly:

We are at an international bodybuilding competition, the men come to pass, as well as fitness competitors.

And those three magnificent she-male arrive on stage, showing off their perfectly masculine body... Everybody is staggered, some have nausea, others faint: nobody is prepared to see this kind of show...

As muscular as the men who preceded them, they literally ridicule others competitors... Their pleasure of being on stage and showing off their so manly bodies is quite obvious: they are so jubilant! They are so proud to show off the fruits of their efforts: all those hours spent to train and to suffer would not have been useless... All the men in the room are completely crazy about their beautiful male body! Some have ejaculated immediately once they were on stage, others try to masturbate discreetly... The sexual tension in the room clearly rose up several notches!

To see them moving on stage, it is hard to believe that they are women... Their movements, their gestures, their attitudes, everything sweats testosterone! But that is precisely what makes them irresistible... If some girls who participated in the fitness competition had turned heads, they were now completely forgotten, replaced by these sexy monsters!

While they are fighting literally on stage to show who is the most muscular, men in the room are crazy, sweating, ready to do anything to touch and lick their muscles... With each new pose, intented to highlight their manly, masculine muscles, you could hear screams of delight and pleasure: probably news ejaculations caused by their outrageous body...

How not to be wildly excited by their bull-neck, their protruding abs and their gigantic thighs... But what drove crazy of desire the male gente, it was their total lack of boobs... Incredible as it may seem, they had managed to melt down the slightest trace of their breasts for the benefit of monstrous pecs, striated and bloated... This vision, which might be sickening, was on the contrary incredibly delicious-looking! Freed from those useless masses of fat and flesh that are breasts, their femininity explodes!

After the show, they each will go home with one or several guys, which they would have chosen during their posing, that they will fuck all night ... If these guys survive this night of muscular passion, they will be the most lucky bastards of the world! If they survive ...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back to LH-Art with Annie

Yes, after a few time, I'm back to LH-Art.

If you're member, you may see 12 new sketches, made just for this site, including this one:

I' ve started the adventures of a new character, Annie, who is a mix between Little Annie Ample and Little Annie Fanny.

Annie is a lovely teen, obsessed by muscles since her younger age. She always wanted to be the most muscular!

Of course, she doesn't have boobs, just big, bulging, sexy pecs... So, she doesn't understand why she should have to cover her chest and so, she is often topless, showing us her marvelous pecs...

I will also post sketches of Annie on this blog.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My first time with Denise

I would like to tell you this true story, and share personnal memories…

Let's start with the begining: when I was a kid, at about 12 years old, I discovered the wonderful world of female muscle, by covers of the magazine, with women like Tonya Knight, Cory Everson, or Anja Schreiner...

At this time, a few time later, I've started to buy those mags, and to collect pics of those godesses of muscle... I was so fascinated by them! I used to collect all of those pics of them in a notebook, without really understand the effects they had on me, and why..

Of course, I was the only one who knew the existence of this notebook, I was hiding it consciensously... I dedicated pages just for some of those extraordinary women, like Lenda Murray, Kim Chizevsky or Debbie Muggli... It was like collecting stickers!
Among this holy book, there were several pages exclusively for Denise Rutkowsky... I was spending hours watching them, until that night...

To be really honest, at this time, she was kind of a ... model, to me! An example! I've even dreamed of being her! Quite strange, no? I've wanted to be a muscular woman! Denise Rutkowski! I dont think I was crazy or something, but I've often dreamed about the fact of beeing her... I was wondered how it would be to be sooo muscular and sexy... When I was her, I spent all my time to flex and touch my muscles... I felt sexy, powerful and incredibly special... I walked among other people, on the street or on the beach, and everybody was looking at me...
I didn’t really understand the meaning of this, nor the effect she had on me, but it was like this... Of course, I knew nothing about sex, excitation or anything, I was too young...

So, for the young boy I was, it was a few evenings was happening something strange, that I did not understand: when I looked at her, something new happened in my underpants (yes, i was sleeping in underpants)...

One night, without really understood what I was doing, my hand slipped under my underpants, and started to caress my penis... I was watching that pic of her in particulary: one of the 1993 Jan Tana, that she won...

She was facing me, with her yellow bikini, her huuuge muscles, and she was smilling... I was sure she was looking at me, and only me, and said "So, little boy, do you see what a woman can be? Do you like my muscles? I'm sure you do... Forget the others women, I'm the woman of your life!" And, suddenly, I felt an extraordinary feeling, like I've never felt before: an orgasm! Hard to describe it: warmth, humidity, pleasure... Wow! It was the first time I masturbate, and ejaculate! What a shock!

When I opened my eyes, I didn't know what to think... What was happening to me? Where did this strange liquid come from? And, of course, what was this extraordinary sensation? A few minutes later, when I finally realized what I did, I was feeling a little ashamed, I must say.... My first ejaculation was while I watching a pic of a female body builder: Denise Rutkowski!

I was so troubled that I decided to stop watching her for a few time, but I couldn't do this for a long time: she had enchanted me, I was under her power! So, a few night later, I decided to reattempt the experience... While I watched the same pic, I've try to do the same thing I did a few evenings before, but this time, being conscious... And one more time, the same pleasure! I realized at this time that my entire life will be dedicated to those unreal women, who could give me this wonderful pleasure...

Denise, Denise, Denise...

Thanks for reading me!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Big Renée

Just a try to post some private videos...

Let's start with the big and masculine Renée Towney!

Look at her... Each time I see this video, I almost cream my pants imediately! One of the hottest video I've seen... She's pure manhood! So much muscular than a lot of men... So hot!

I've a hard on just to think about her manly chest... Do you realize that this huge piece of sexy muscular meat is... a woman? That this hunk, this stallion, was, a long time time ago, a simple girl?

On this video, she acts like she was a man... She doesn't care about being topless... Why should she be embarassed? She just has soooo sexy, manly pecs to offer us... Her movements, her attitudes... She's really sweating testosterone!

She really succed to erase feminity on her body... It's like she threw us to the face : "Me, a woman? Are you kidding me?"

And, my God, it's so exciting...

Thursday, May 6, 2010


For those who would not have noticed it yet, I love masculine women, with a beautiful, soft feminine face and a grotesquely masculine body...

I should rather say: I am completely obsessed by the idea of a pretty woman with a body where any trace of femininity would have completely disappeared, replaced by massive venous muscles, so manly and masculine...

Strange, no?

Anyway, this woman haunts me, obsesses me and makes me crazy... Nothing excites me more than this woman who does not want to have any more breasts, but monstrous pecs... She who considers femininity as a useless weakness... "Why should I be a woman when I can be a man?" she said every day...

I dream of seeing this woman on stage during a male bodybuilding competition, in the middle of champions doped up to eyes... She would crush them! Her body deformed by the abuse of steroids would be a lesson of manhood for each of them... She would teach them what is masculinity! Here is what a real man should look like! The demonstration would be humiliating... A woman would be able to be much more a man than these poor guys! And yet, it would be impossible to doubt her sex appeal...

This old sketch reflects, one more time, this idea, so exciting to me...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Veiny biceps

An old one.

Wow...This girl really wants to be bigger!

Look at her.. She only wants huge muscles! She doesn't care about her uncovered nipple... Of course, after all, she only has pecs, no more boobs...

She shouts, she growls, she drools, she suffers ... Just to be the most muscular!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Miss Hunk

I can't get enough of this kind of girl!

A new one, still with my ultimate fantasy, a pretty girl with a soooo manly chest...