Monday, August 16, 2010


Here is another one that I like...

We are still with beautiful she-male, shamelessly showing off their monstrous muscles, far too virile and too male to belong to women…

This time, Sue and Tanya, two sublime specimens of these women who want to be men, meet for the first time Chloe, a newcomer to this world of manly female muscle.

Sue and Tanya are used to meeting on stage during clandestine female bodybuilding competitions. They are far too huge and too manly to participate in "classic" contests! This kind of secret event brings together all the craziest female muscle fan, all the sexual deviants and fetishists for whom a woman is sexy only if she looks like a man...

Usually, Sue and Tanya are by far the biggest and most virile competitiors. After each event, those she-male with a twisted mind spend the night together, caressing mutually, thinking about being men... In brief, their madness for muscles is such that they can not help fucking all night!

But this year, Sue and Tanya were pleasantly surprised to discover on stage Chloe, a young girl of barely 18 years, with a superbly masculine body... She is even bigger than them! So as soon as they saw her, the two crazy girls were hypnotized by her huge muscles, and had but one thought in mind: to fuck her!

I wish them success ...


  1. En voici un autre que j’aime bien…

    Nous sommes toujours avec de magnifiques she-male, exhibant sans aucune pudeur leurs monstrueux muscles, beaucoup trop virils et masculins pour appartenir à des femmes…

    Cette fois, Sue et Tanya, deux sublimes spécimens de ces femmes qui veulent être des hommes, rencontrent pour la première fois Chloé, une nouvelle venue dans ce monde du muscle féminin viril.

    Sue et Tanya ont l’habitude de se retrouver sur scène, lors de compétitions clandestines de Body Building féminins. Elles sont beaucoup trop énormes et masculines pour participer à des compétitions « classiques » ! Ce genre d’évènements secret rassemble tous les fous du muscle féminin, les déviants et fétichistes sexuels, pour qui une femme n’est sexy que si elle ressemble à un homme…

    D’habitude, Sue et Tanya sont, de loin, les plus grosses et les plus viriles, dépassant les autres compétitrices. Après chaque compétition, ces deux she-male à l’esprit tordu passent la nuit ensemble, à se caresser mutuellement, à s’imaginer, une fois sur deux, être des hommes… Bref, leur folie du muscle est telle qu’elles ne peuvent s’empêcher de baiser toute la nuit !

    Mais cette année, Sue et Tanya ont l’agréable surprise de découvrir sur scène Chloé, une jeune fille d’à peine 18 ans, au corps superbement masculin… Elle est même plus grosse qu’elles ! Alors, dès qu’elles l’aperçurent, les deux folles furent hypnotisées par ses muscles gigantesques, et n’eurent plus qu’une idée en tête : la baiser !

    Je leur souhaite de réussir…

  2. Simply awesome work, keep em coming!

  3. Another killer pic, Oz!

    Your new coloring style is really awesome as well! It lets you add more definition to the muscles, but doesn't overpower your awesome lines. Keep up the awesome posts!!

  4. you focus on how these women you drawn are displaying their "manliness", and how they ooze testosterone. The one thing you dont draw are the big muscular clits that come along with this. I want to see some of these women displaying the huge manly packages they've been growing along with their muscles. Put some huge bulges in those tight panties. After all what are those two figuring on fucking Chloe with?

  5. I must say I often think about this fact, indeed. I will sure do sketches with women with huge clits, don't worry...

  6. Awesome! Can't wait to see these bodybuilding shemales with bulging posers!