Monday, April 19, 2010

Freaky Betty

I remember when I did this one...

I was looking at a few pics of Betty Pariso, and suddenly, I said to myself "My God... She's really a freak! Never a 50 year old woman looked like that! I hardly imagine all the doses of steroids she probably took to arrive at this result..."

So, I tried to do a sketch with this idea of a sweating, exciting freak...


  1. Pump her up even further! Imagine, a poor neglected Betty-the-Housewife becoming a massively muscular demanding Muscle-Bitch Goddess...forever having her on their knees kissing her toes as she looks down over her massive pecs! two ex lovers in cages dangling from her ears...all worshipping what SHE is...what SHE has become...What SHE will be!!

  2. We love Betty, and her shredded face! It´s so sexy!