Thursday, April 29, 2010

Super girl...

A new one, I made this morning...

I like this idea of a pretty girl who, when she pull off her shirt, show us a big, masculine chest...

I want to lick those pecs!


  1. Hey Ozzy,

    I like your stuff but object to your use of the word "masculine". They are women, of course, and muscle is muscle. Use terms like muscular, strong, huge, ripped, massive, shredded, etc. to describe them but please do not call them masculine! Muscles do not have gender. All human beings have them. Women who choose to develop their muscles are no more masculine than the soft beauty queen or any other woman.

  2. Tempted to do my own version, but it'll not be as good as this version. Good work

  3. Thanks fot the nice words, guys!

    I like to qualify my women as "masculine", indeed. But it s not a bad thing to me!