Friday, April 16, 2010

Mr Shhh amazing stories!

Maybe some of you already know this blog

And if you don't, go read the most exciting stories you 'll never read!

Every time I read one of his stories, my heart is racing and pounding ... I'm sweating, my stomach make knots ... I still have that incredible feeling that this guy is going directly into my mind to find the most monstrous and existing images, to which I may never have ever thought!

His stories are filled with creatures half woman and half man, crazy, perverted, scary ... and so exciting!

No kidding ... Nobody ever gave me such pleasure, just by reading one of his works ... These women , who are no longer really women, in search of virility and masculine power ... Without the slightest trace of femininity, seen as weakness ... Missing, their soft curves! Gone, their opulent breasts! All they want is ... MUSCLE!

My God ... I like this guy!

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