Friday, May 7, 2010

Big Renée

Just a try to post some private videos...

Let's start with the big and masculine Renée Towney!

Look at her... Each time I see this video, I almost cream my pants imediately! One of the hottest video I've seen... She's pure manhood! So much muscular than a lot of men... So hot!

I've a hard on just to think about her manly chest... Do you realize that this huge piece of sexy muscular meat is... a woman? That this hunk, this stallion, was, a long time time ago, a simple girl?

On this video, she acts like she was a man... She doesn't care about being topless... Why should she be embarassed? She just has soooo sexy, manly pecs to offer us... Her movements, her attitudes... She's really sweating testosterone!

She really succed to erase feminity on her body... It's like she threw us to the face : "Me, a woman? Are you kidding me?"

And, my God, it's so exciting...


  1. Ozzy, I propose the union of blogs. My blog My address

  2. Wow, what an awesome video! You know it's funny, while the masculinization aspect is hard to deny, it is completely incidental to me. I am much more turned on by the incredible amount of power and dominance that is projected by her amazing display of flexing. It's interesting that we can be turned on by the same thing, but for totally different reasons. I guess it's a case of different journey, same destination.

    Anyway, really loving your new Blog and can't wait for your next update.

  3. The first time I saw Renne flexing I got the biggest hardon ever! My muscle fantasy of a woman so big she could easily win a men's contest made real and in the flesh. Her double biceps pose sends me into orbit!

    Hopefully, other women will take what Renne has accomplished to the next level of freaky muscle size and masculinity!


  4. @alessandro: Thanks for the proposition, but I prefer to do do my stuff alone.

    @Tom and Reason: Thanks for the comments!