Saturday, July 31, 2010


Some time ago, my friend Reason offered me to participate in a friendly competition of drawing, with FemXman. For different reasons, it didn't happen, but I still made this drawing:

I have to say that I am pretty happy with the result. Once again, you can see what looks like my perfect woman: a sweet, magnificent and youthful feminine face on top of a male to death body, muscular, manly, huge, monstruous...

About this girl, I would say she is between 16 and 18. I'll call her... let's see... why not "Lisa"? Let's try to imagine her story...

Lisa did not understand girls her age: what could be so exciting in shopping, going to night club or talking on the phone for hours about boys of her class? So much time wasted in frivolity...

Since she saw Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Terminator" Lisa only dreamed about big, manly, male muscles. What a shock she received when she saw Arnold for the first time! A human body could look like this? A human body could be so sexy?

Then, Lisa thought about just one thing: the day she could touch and caress such muscles... She wanted a man, a real man! Sleeping with a Body builder became her obsession... If most women also like big muscles in a man, Lisa was crazy about it! The simple vision of a big biceps wildly excited her! Her room was papered with posters of the biggest bodybuilders doped to death, she spent hours on the internet to watch videos...

She wanted so much to sleep with a bodybuilder that she joined a gym, just to meet one. But the attempt was not very successful: after being out with a few bodybuilders, she had to face the evidence: no one would ever be big enough for her!

So she decided to built up the body she thought about every night: she would become the Bodybuilder of her dreams! She would transform her girly body into a monstrous manly male body! This body who excited her so much was going to be hers: she could caress her own muscles all day long!

This crazy idea proved the obsessional madness of Lisa for huge muscles... Every day, every night, she trained hard, very hard... While the other girls were wasting their time in idle chatter and nightlife, Lisa spent every minute of her free time trying to change her cute teenage body into that of a monstrous stallion!

To achieve this, all means were good enough: steroids, hormones, proteins... Lisa injected doses of bull in the veins to reach her perverse dream! As the days, Lisa's body increasingly resembled to that of a man, which encouraged her to continue! But no question to no longer take care of her face: despite the horrors she inflicted on her body, Lisa's face was still that of a beautiful girl...

And then, one day, by looking herself in the mirror, Lisa was terribly excited... The vision of her big muscles drove her crazy with desire... She could not help but hold them, caress them... She had finally reached her goal! Now every day she could admire her overinflated pecs, knotty thighs and prominent abs... The rest of her life would be a delightful orgy of muscles!

Monday, July 26, 2010

New Species?

A sketch, reworked a bit for this Blog ...

Imagine ... You're a woman, but your women condition will not suit you: you want more, much more! So you decide to do everything to get a male body: bodybuilding, steroids, diet ... And, over time, you finally succed in: your body is a masterpiece of manhood!

Of course, you're so proud of your body that you want to show it to everybody, then you participate in Bodybuilding competition. And so you meet other women whose purpose is also to remove any trace of femininity in their body ... How could you resist to them?

Both she-male present on this sketch are a perfect example of that ... Each is obsessed with the size of her muscles and desperatly want to look like a man ... And, of course, both are attracted by the male body of the other !

I think these women are neither lesbians, nor heterosexual ... They are much more than that!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


A little video, just for fun...

No, this is not just a little video: it is a source of endless orgasms! My God... It is IMPOSSIBLE to watch these women fighting to show their big muscles without having an insane erection!

I always loved posedowns in female bodybuilding competitions: After hours of imposed postures, comparisons, dance etc., the finalists can FINALLY lean back and enjoy the pleasure of being on stage! They can then compare themselves to others, in a much more sensual and savage way than before... More than a simple comparison: it is a real battle, whose outcome will appoint the most muscular woman, and therefore the sexiest!

Look at them: they touch, fondle each other... They like to feel the big muscles of their opponents under their fingers to test their strength! This direct confrontation turns into orgy, whose we are the breathless, sweaty, excited spectators!

Our libidinous and lecherous gaze resting on their big manly muscles transforms them into great performers! Each desperate to be the most desirable, most coveted, and does everything to crush her rivals! The scene then changes to an amazing spectacle: these are no more women that we observe in drooling, these are pieces of meat! This display of female muscle orgy beginning to look like gang bang: muscles meet, mingle... In the audience, all the dicks are standing to attention, hard as steel!

Betty, Iris, Dayana, Yaxeni, Heather, Debi... Each of these women, at this moment, being part of this orgasmic meat display, could fuck any men she wants! Besides, I do not know how men in the room don't get crazy: If I was there, I would have thrown myself on stage, in order to drown me in this ocean of muscles!

Personally, if I had to choose among these six beautiful pieces of meat, I would probably choose Yaxeni... She looks so proud of her manly muscles that she desperatly wants to be on the front of the stage to show them... That said, I also love Heather and Debi... So why not take the 3?

Friday, July 9, 2010

The photos on which I wanked the most - Kim Chizevsky

One more time, guys...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Andrulla Blanchette

Here's a video, that you probably already know, of Andrulla Blanchette at the 1997 Miss Olympia.

At the time, not having still Internet, I had never seen movies about muscular women. I had to content myself with simples photos, found in magazines. So when I saw an advertising about the video of the 1997 Miss Olympia in one of those famous magazine, I rushed on the order form to acquire it!

After a wait that seemed interminable, I finally received the precious video tape. Trembling, I inserted it then into my VCR... My heart stopped beating immediately!

For the first time in my life, I saw muscular women MOVING! Laura Creavalle, Lenda Murray... All these women, whom I had then been able to admire only in photo, danced, flexed their big muscles under my eyes, just for me! Fascinated, hypnotized, I obviously could not take my eyes off the screen...

After several minutes of a show that I found incredibly exciting already, I saw Andrulla appear in her little red bikini ...

Seeing this incredibly muscular body, sexy and manly, my mind overheated and it took several minutes to come back to earth ... Needless to say how much my cock was hard! It was going crazy too!

I could not believe my eyes... At this moment, Andrulla was the perfect woman! Each of her oversized muscles made me mad with desire... Her back, crazily wide... Her ass, hard and firm... And her arms! My God, her arms... When she flex them twice, it was too much for me: I ejaculated in a great cry of pleasure! She had made me come just by flexing her biceps...

Since then, this video remains in the pantheon of my favorite videos to wank... And you?

Friday, July 2, 2010

The photos on which I wanked the most - Christine Envall

Another spermarvelous pic, with my version of it...


Here is a new colored version of one of the skteches I posted here, just for fun...