Saturday, March 14, 2015

Commissions open!

Yes, I've finally decided to do commissions. To be more specific, I've now finally enough time to do it...

So, here are my "rules" and my rates:

1 - As I've already say, I will ask you to pay me based on the number of hours I work on your sketch. It's quite simple,  for one hour, it's 10 USD. I usually spend 2 or 4 hours on a simple sketch, sometimes more.

2 - I'm sorry, but I probably won't be able to do anything you want, I'm not good enough, so we should discuss about the/my possibilities.

3 - As you may have noticed, I'm quite specialized in some kind of women ;) so I would prefer to do aproximatively the same kind of stuff. Of course, it's not meaning that I would exclusively do this! I'm just saying that because I would do probably better stuff if I really enjoying it...

4- I will try to do your request based on the demand: I will let you know the list of my commissioners and where I am on this list. Just to be said, they already are two people on this list.

5 - For now, I simply do black and white sketches. Colors take me too much time.

6 - And, if you want, I can post the original sketch, if you pay the transport.

Let's go!