Saturday, February 7, 2015

Big gym 6

Here is a new drawing from my Big Gym series, freshly brewed. I said that the last one would be the last, but most likely will I draw a few more. Then there is still this comic to come. . .

One more gorgeous specimen of the women who haunt my dreams. . . or isn't it my nightmares? A cute gal wishing to build a monster muscular body, sweating tears and blood, lifting way to heavy weights. . . This one, on top, wants to end up plastered with veins. No point at blaming her.

Voici un nouveau dessin de ma série Big gym, fait aujourd'hui. J'avais dit que le précédent serait le dernier mais finalement, il y a de fortes chances que j'en refasse quelques uns. En attendant la BD...

Encore un magnifique spécimen des créatures qui hantent mes rêves... ou mes cauchemars?! Une jolie nana, désireuse de se construire un corps monstrueusement musclé, suant corps et âme en soulevant des poids beaucoup trop lourds pour elle... Celle-ci, en plus, veut recouvrir son corps de veines.. Qui pourrait l'en blâmer?

Je profite de ce post pour remercier Gharlane, qui s'est chargé de ma dernière traduction. ;)


  1. Awesome job! I really like your inking, what tools and techniques do you use?

    I edited another image, inspired by the "Snow White" comment at the "Sexy Family" entry which I wrote last year (and forgot to sign, sorry!)

    Again I didn't use speech balloons, because I'm less confident with my writing than with my photo editing skills.

    Here is the backstory of the picture, I hope you enjoy it!

    The blonde woman used to be a bodybuilder, but since she married with the brunette girl's wealthy father five years ago, she has downsized a lot. However, even with her dwindling physique she has been winning the local open class competition for the last five years. That, and her narcissism have made her believe that she is still on her prime.

    Her early teen stepdaughter, in the other hand, inherited incredible genetics from her real mother, but only until last year she realized her true potential. For months, while her stepmother sipped cocktails by the pool, letting her muscles shrink, she trained like a beast.
    Tonight's contest is payback time, and so far seeing the look of shock, jealously and fear on her vain stepmother's face has made all the effort worth it.

    So what is the outcome of this scene? Of course the stepdaughter wins and becomes a sensation in the bodybuilding world while her stepmother is left humiliated. However she soon starts training furiously, obsessed with recovering and even surpassing her old physique.
    An arms race has erupted between them, and only time will tell who will come out victorious…


    - Tropican

    1. Thanks again for your pic, it's really cool! And your story too!

      About my inking, I use several pens with different stroke width.

    2. Thanks a lot, I´m really glad that you liked it!


      - Tropican