Monday, August 22, 2011

Maria Calo

Here is Maria Calo.

Maria is a man. A made up man, with a wig, breast implants and a small penis.

I am not exaggerating. Look at this pic...

Is there a small chance that, under these hard, massive and manly muscles, hides the heart of a woman? I don't think so...

But let's suppose Maria is a woman, and take a look again at this pic. An overdeveloped jaw, a male to death body, muscles sweating testosterone ...

If Maria is a woman, she is one of the sexiest!


  1. Agreed, Maria Carlo is huge and muscular but quite masculine. I wouldn't be surprised if she has to shave her facial hair :/ quite the body still!

  2. Pourquoi ne pas devenir homo., tout simplement, au lieu de fantasmer sur ces femmes si viriles ?

  3. Parce que c'est tellement meilleur...;)