Monday, February 28, 2011


Just a little video, on which I wanked a lot... She really looks like a freak!


  1. Paulina was incredible. She really looked good offseason, also.

  2. fucking awesome thighs - would love to see you cum over her...

  3. Wow. I imagine she's being interviewed about her wrestling matches with top male bodybuilders in her weight class. "I beaten over a dozen men with my legs - the guys just can't take my bodyscissors and neckscissors and pass out after a few minutes of crushing pressure. But sometimes I like to use a sleeper - see? - check out my forearms...I've KOd 7 or 8 young musclestuds with them. And of course, after each match, I collect their bikinis, and put them on my trophy wall!!! Hee! Hee!"