Sunday, December 5, 2010

Almost new

I've just realize that I still didn't post this one, that maybe some of you have already seen...


  1. Isn't there a story about this? If not there should be, hope someone over at Amaz0ns or Brawna get some inspiration.

  2. 13yr old musclegirl Krissy has just become the youngest competitor ever to win the junior heavyweight women's title at the regional bodybuilding championships. But then she REALLY created a sensation by challenging the MEN'S HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP TO A POSEDOWN ONSTAGE FOR HIS TITLE!!! Now the pretty musclegirl steps out onto the posing platform to go toe to toe with the 35 yr old machoman in an inter-gender heavy muscle showdown that brings the aroused spectators to their feet, cheering this unprecedented battle of the sexes!