Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sexy family

A new drawing, this time.

I do not believe to have seen very often this scene, yet super exciting: a mother with her daughters on the stage of a bodybuilding contest.

Each of them is a hymn to female virility: big, massive, ripped, no trace of breasts ...

What could be the story of this sexy family?

I can perfectly imagine the mother, undisputed champion of bodybuilding, to pass her inconsiderate love for muscles on to her two daughters...

Since their youngest age, they were introduced to the wonderful world of female muscle, with as main goal: to become more muscular as possible!

This single mother spent all her time with her daughters, to lift weights, to teach them how to become as manly as her, to measure them their dose of steroids...

And, of course, the girls adored that! With the example of their mother, who had eliminated any trace of femininity on her body, their model was quite found: their bodies had to exalt manliness!

Naturally, no time to lose with kids' games, nevertheless of their age: all their time was devoted to their muscles, that they wanted to see becoming the biggest and the most male possible! Far from the concerns of the girls of their class, they were only trying to do as their mother: to become real sex symbols!

Probably thanks to an exceptionale genetic, transmitted by their mother, the result was immediate: no one had ever reached such a level of muscular growth at that age!

It's been a while since the oldest of the sisters accompanied the mother on stage, on a body building contest, making the youngest a little jealous ... But this time, the three girls of the family were together on stage! And what happiness was to see them showing off their monstrously masculine bodies !


  1. Un nouveau dessin, cette fois.

    Je ne crois pas avoir vu très souvent cette scène, pourtant super excitante: une mère avec ses filles, sur la scène d'un concours de body building.

    Chacune d'elles est un hymne à la virilité féminine: grosse, massive, striée, aucune trace de seins...

    Quelle pourrait être l'histoire de cette famille sexy?

    J'imagine très bien la mère, championne incontestée de body building, transmettre son gout du muscle à ses deux filles...

    Depuis leur plus jeune âge, elles furent initiées au merveilleux monde du muscle féminin, avec comme objectif principal: devenir le plus musclé possible!

    Cette mère célibataire passait tout son temps avec ses filles, à soulever des poids, à leur apprendre comment devenir aussi virile qu'elle, à leur doser leurs prises de stéroïdes...

    Et, bien entendu, les filles adorèrent ça! Avec l'exemple de leur mère, qui avait supprimé la moindre trace de féminité sur son corps, leur modèle était tout trouvé: leur corps devaient exalter de virilité!

    Bien entendu, pas de temps à perdre avec des jeux de gamines, pourtant de leur âge: tout leur temps était consacré à leur muscles, qu'elles voulaient voir devenir le plus gros et le plus masculin possible! Bien loin des préoccupations des filles de leur classe, elles ne cherchaient qu'à faire comme leur mère: devenir de véritables sex-symbols!

    Probablement grâce à une génétique exceptionnelle, transmise par leur mère, le résultat ne se fit pas attendre: jamais personne n'avait atteint un tel niveau de croissance musculaire à cet âge!

    Cela faisait quelques temps que la plus vieille des sœurs accompagnait la mère sur scène lors de concours de body building, rendant la plus jeune un peu jalouse... Mais cette fois, les trois filles de la famille étaient réunies sur scène! Et quel bonheur c'était de les voir exhiber leur corps monstrueusement masculin!

  2. I really like the concept, may I suggest a possible variation for future illustrations?

    It is a little bit inspired by "Snow White"

    A female bodybuilder has a scrawny teen stepdaughter which she mostly ignores. Secretly, the girl starts working out and becomes huge very quick. At a bodybuilding contest the stepmother sees with horror that she has been outclassed but a much younger and bigger rival. The girl taunts her stepmother about how weak and past her prime she looks compared with her.

    1. It's a very good idea, indeed...

    2. I'm really glad you liked my idea!

      It would be great if you could make a drawing inspired by it one day!